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My name is Mala. I live in India with my husband of 10 years and my sweet 5-year-old son.

Before my son was born, I worked full-time as an Instructional Designer (ID) for 10 years at several high-profile companies, including General Electric.

Five years ago, I quit my full-time role because of a difficult pregnancy. But my work brings me immense joy and I did not want to stop working completely.

So, I switched gears to become a freelance ID and content writer.

In these 15 years, I have created several hundred hours of content as well as online (eLearning/eCourse) and offline courses (classroom training) for Fortune 500 companies as well as several publishing houses and educational institutions.

But, something was missing. I did not want to be restricted by the protocols and processes of companies that were benefiting from my services.

While I still continue to freelance for an organization, I am slowly scaling down and focusing entirely on growing my own business.

Thus the birth of this website.

On here, I share the knowledge I have gained and the best practices I have benefited from in the last 15 years.

With your support, I hope to reach many more online entrepreneurs and provide them content support to grow their business.

If you have any business queries or concerns, please leave a message below.

See you around!



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